Saturday, 25 February 2012

VIN plate

Really getting to the final finishing touches now. I fitted the VIN plate to the panel just in front of the scuttle:


The crashpad is a bit of fibreglass covered in padding that goes round the edge of the dashboard to cover the sharp edges. It was a bit too long so I prised the covering off at each end and shortened slightly:

 I stuck it in place with strong double sided fabric tape:
there is a small section that fits on the driver side:

Replacing harness mounting covers

When I fitted the covers that go over the top harness mounting points I made a bit of a mess. In my defence the manual didn't help. It said cut the end off so that is what I did. The net result was they started to fall apart, fraying from the cut end. All very unsatisfactory. I considered sewing up but in the end decided to order a new set from Westfield and cut differently avoiding the hems. The nice guys in the parts department sent me a new set free of charge.

The replacement set were slightly different to the original. They had a slot pre-cut in them. That saved me wondering how to cut them differently to the last set:

Once on they looked a lot neater: