Thursday, 27 May 2010

Fuse box mounting

To mount the fuse box I re-used the bracket from the MX-5 but it needed some modification. One of the legs had to be moved round.

I then painted it black:

I then mounted it between the water expansion tank and the battery. In the manual it shows it mounted further forward but I decided it would be better on the scuttle. It would be easier to access, not get in the way of other items and be less prone to getting dirty from road spray.

Battery mounting

I decided to re-use the original battery tray from the MX-5 and some of the mounting components. Firstly I had to drill 2 holes for the bottom of the plastic tray molding. I had to be very careful when measuring to make sure the holes didn't overlap with any of the chassis bars that run underneath the scuttle.

And here is the tray in position:

For the LHS I re-used the mounting bracket and upright bar. Across the top I used a new box section stainless bar:

and on the RHS I will use some M5 threaded bar with large washers at the bottom either side of where it goes through the panel to spread the load:

Washer jets

The manual says there should be a "dimple" where the washer jet goes. I thought I'd found it, drilled the hole and fitted it then afterwards thought it didn't look quite central. Stupidly I didn't measure before drilling (yes I know... measure twice, cut once). It doesn't look too bad though:

One of the IVA checks is that it has to withstand a blockage for a few seconds (I assume to simulate icing up). The tip I got from other builders was to fix a cable tie underneath to make sure the connecting pipe doesn't pop off:

Monday, 24 May 2010

Number plate light & IVA mod on rear lights

Fitting the number plate light was simple. I made a number plate template out of cardboard to make sure it was in the right place.

Fitting the rubber around the fog and reversing lights to keep the IVA man happy wasn't so simple. There wasn't any gap between the lens and the surround so I ended up having to file both edges and use Vaseline to get in place:

Roll bar

First task was to cover the area with masking tape, offer up the roll bar and mark round the bottom. I tried to mark out the area of the bracket under neath as well as the couple of hole. This was hopefully to make sure the mounting bolts went through a solid area:

I next drilled a pilot hole all the way through, removed the boot box and cut through the fibreglass using that largest hole cutter I had. I then widened out the hole using the Dremel:

The body shell isn't quite symmetrical so the holes weren't quite in the same places on each side:

I then followed a similar process to make the holes in the boot box. I first removed the majority of the material using a hole cutter. Offered up the roll bar and slowly made the holes bigger using the Dremel. It took me ages to do as I didn't want to remove too much and leave a gap:

In the end I was really pleased with the fit:

Carpet - 1st fitting of backrest

As a bit of an alternative activity to the other items on the car I decided to have a look at the carpets and see how well the backrest piece fit. In fact it was a very good fit. All I had to do was cut a few mm off the bottom and to fit around the shaped transmission tunnel. I hope you you appreciate my highly technical template:

You get velcro to fix in place but I'll put that in place until later so it doesn't get dirty. Looks okay though:

Interior Panels

The manual recommends fitting the interior side panels before final fitting of the scuttle (I assume so access is easier). In fact, I fitted them whilst the scuttle was in place (although not finally fixed) without any real issues.

There is a small strip of carpet that runs across the bottom that has to be fitted first. Pictures of some older builds show ~20mm of the carpet showing. It looks like they have made the interior panels slightly larger so go almost to the floor which makes it debatable if you need the carpet at all. I put it in anyway using the Velcro strips provided. I also was worried about the position of the harness mounting bolts. There are cut out holes in the aluminum panels so all you have to do is cut through the covering. From previous experience I was concerned the holes wouldn't be central. I stuck a screw in the hole with tape so it just protruded and checked the location. It was dead central in the panel cut-out:

I tried to put rivets where they would not be seen. Down the back strip where they would be covered by the back carpet and under the top padded cover. The only one that is visible is the one half way along the diagonal. Some people have said they have black headed rivets but I didn't get any. I think I'll touch up the head with black paint at some point.

And the other side:

Front indicators

Time to mount the front indicators. This involved a lot of complicated measuring. You have to measure down from the line on bodywork (the masking tape and marking on the right). Measure in from the middle of the front (the lower mark on the main bit of masking tape). Then using spirit levels find where they cross:

2 mounting hole and a larger one for the cable to go through:

One fitted indicator light:

And a second. Hopefully all in the right place to make the IVA man happy.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Relays & diagnostics box

I put the wiring loom back on the car and started to fit all the various electrical bits and pieces. For the relays I re-used the original mounting bracket from the MX-5. The left hand end had to be modified to make it fit. I also took the diagnostics mounting bracket, cut down and fitted to the relay bracket. I re-used the bolt holding the windscreen wiper motor to mount the left hand end:

and from above:

with a small modification I was able to re-use the original plastic cover as well which makes it all look very neat and tidy:

Rear lights - fog & reversing

I realised I'd got one of the rubber backs to the lights on the wrong way up. They have 3 small slots in them which I assume are drainage holes. So the 1st job was to turn it around:

Fitted the reversing, fog and number plate lights. For some reason I took the photo before the number plate light was fitted:

This is the rear of the reversing light. I'm using P clips attached to the bolts of the lights to hold the cable in place:

and the rear of the fog light. You can see I've finished fitting the fuel filler as well:

and the rear of the indicator/brake/side light cluster: