Monday, 14 March 2011

Dashboard fitting

The first building session of the year. I know it's March but here are my excuses...
- January was too cold to work in the garage
- two weeks in Asia on business
- a weeks skiing

Anyway, I finished off the tabs on the dash:

And finally the dashboard is fitting okay:

I need a slight bit of packing under the tabs. I might put a couple of layers of fibreglass or use self tapping screws. Not sure which:

Next job was to fit the dials. I'd made sure when fitting the tabs to avoid the places where the electrical connectors go. It was a bit of a wriggle getting the unit in place:

But here is the dash with the dials on the car:

There's not a lot of space under there:

Now I had to re-fit the steering column. What I found was I needed 3 thick washers at the mounting point to lower the steering column slightly as the dials prevented it from going completely up:

The next problem I found was the indicator stalk rubbed slightly against the dash. I will have to bend it forward slightly.

And the final challenge was when I connected the electrical connectors to the dials, the connector fouled the dash. I had to trim the dash a tiny amount and cut the end of the connector.